Month: July 2014

A Colorful Morning with Eggs and Things


Since moving to Orange County 6 years ago from Los Angeles area, I’ve had more than a fair share of Asian breakfasts. Hot sweet soy milk and egg crepes anyone? Sometimes though, all a girl wants is a simple American style breakfast. I started my Sunday with some scrambled eggs, roasted grape tomatoes, and shimeji mushrooms boiled in a hon tsuyu soup base. Oh, and a cup of  hot matcha green tea on the side of course! (more…)


Staple Blues for the Weekend


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I spent mine on a date with my mom for her birthday, as well as trying out new foods. One of my favorite dishes that I tried was milk ice cream topped with sweet, sweet honeycomb at Honeymee located in K-town. I did not anticipate so many bees to be flying around the outdoor shop, and I almost wanted to call it quits and run back into the car, but I’m so glad we decided to stay. The rich honey and textured honeycomb was the perfect complement to the creamy cold ice cream. (more…)

No Place Like Home


Cheers to hump day! Today’s work appropriate outfit was styled after Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, because let’s be honest– there really is no place like home when it’s 2 PM on a Wednesday afternoon, you’re victim to the worst food coma ever (damn you, carbs!), and you’re counting down the hours until you can commute home from work. (more…)

Chapter 1: Kick off!


I celebrated my one year work anniversary since graduating college last week, and it’s been such a long and unexpected ride since my school days. While I’m grateful to be able to start a career in the always evolving e-commerce industry, I miss the most simple moments of running errands during regular business hours, casually grabbing some Sprinkles cupcakes before my afternoon classes, and avoiding rush hour traffic. (more…)