Chapter 1: Kick off!


I celebrated my one year work anniversary since graduating college last week, and it’s been such a long and unexpected ride since my school days. While I’m grateful to be able to start a career in the always evolving e-commerce industry, I miss the most simple moments of running errands during regular business hours, casually grabbing some Sprinkles cupcakes before my afternoon classes, and avoiding rush hour traffic.

Replacing these moments are hours of meetings, number crunching, and sorting emails. A year in and I’m finally realizing the time I need to allot to myself to rediscover my hobbies and just relax. So here I sit with my hot cup of matcha unwinding from a long but productive day. So steep that tea and join me on my journey to exercise my creative juices and get this blog rolling!

714-2 714-3


Cardigan: Uniqlo

Lace top: Asia

Pants: Gap

Bag: Coach

Necklace: Folli Follie

Bracelet: I don’t recall…

Shoes: Shoemint



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