Hello NYC!


Hello loves! It’s been a week since my short work and food trip across the country in New York. It was pretty much my first time really seeing New York City, and seeing and eating everything that everyone always raves about. As I’m finally rested and recovered from my jet lag, I want to share my experience with you all.

While 24 hours of this 120 hour trip was spent on a work conference, it was followed by the sickest rooftop after party ever. I met up with co-workers, old friends, and also my boyfriend who flew over to tour with me for the weekend. Special thanks to Frankly NYC for giving me some pro tips on places to eat! I tried many delicious meals at Lombardi’s, Xi’an’s Famous Foods, and Ippudo NY among others.

On Saturday morning, Park Avenue was also closed off from cars, so there were a bunch of bikers and pedestrians. My boyfriend and I joined the crowd and marched our way up past Grand Central Station. We even got to walk into the car tunnel, which was all lighted up in blue and turquoise lights!

Here are some random snaps from my trip! Unfortunately, as I tried to pack light and had to bring along some work materials, I wasn’t able to bring my DSLR.







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