Snacking and Strolling at the Anaheim Packing House


Recently I took my boyfriend Louis and his family to the Anaheim Packing House that opened earlier this spring. It’s a food hall that features multiple food vendors such as Han’s Homemade Ice Cream, The Kroft, and Pop Bar. Not only was the food there good, but the interior decor was gorgeous too! I’ve included some pictures below, but if you are near Orange County, California it’s definitely a must-see must-eat-at place.

Both Louis and his parents loved the Packing House, from doing some fresh grocery shopping at the farmer’s market outside, grabbing some fish and chips and chicken tikka masala, to treating ourselves to popsicles and frozen hot chocolate. Yum! It really reminded me of why I am a foodie and love the food culture so much as it is an experience that transcends age. Whether you are 16, 28, or 43, you can still share the same quality dishes and all be able to enjoy it (unless there’s a picky eater amongst you!).

As it was a casual outing, I got dressed in my coziest favorites: a neutral colored romper layered with a light chambray shirt. To add some color, I slipped on my new neon pink sandals, and added a straw sun hat to combat the sun outside by the farmer’s market. I also chopped off all my hair! It’s refreshing and different and I do not regret any of it. I highly encourage anyone considering to make the drastic cut to just do it. The worst thing that can happen if the haircut takes a bad turn is that you hide it with a headband or hat for a few weeks. Alternatively, if the haircut turns out nice, it could be that haircut that changes your life.










Chambray shirt: Forever21

Grey romper: Tobi

Straw hat: Forever21 (similar)

Sandals: Chinese Laundry

Bag: Boutique in Japan



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