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A Tribute to Hooded Monolids: 5 Tips For Rocking Eye Makeup


Today I want to discuss one of my biggest insecurities growing up as a girl: my hooded monolids. For those of you that are unfamiliar, hooded lids are eyelids that have extra skin near the eyelash line so that any fine streak of eyeliner generally appears hidden. Monolids are eyelids that lack a crease, and generally will make eyes appear small.

Growing up, I have found it difficult relating to eye makeup tips in most major fashion magazines as it’s usually catered towards to how to apply and contour eyeshadows with your crease, or how to tightline the upper eyelid with your eyeliner to make it pop. Through many trials, I’ve realized these tips are not applicable and are not flattering to my hooded monolids at all.

So if you have hooded lids, monolids, or both just like me, here are some beauty rules fit for our eyes that I live religiously by:

  1. Work your eyelashes! If eyeliner won’t show up on your eyes without applying a thick, heavy streak across your lids, showcase your lashes! I am obsessed with mascara, as it really gives my eyes that subtle sharp lift to your eyes. For girls that have stubborn eyelashes that won’t keep a curl, On a night out, I’ll even revert to false eyelashes. Depending on what pair of falsies you choose, they can give your eyes more depth and make them look larger while still accentuating  the natural shape of your eyes. For all you monolidded girls out there, if you want to fake a crease, try using falsies that have a criss-cross design!
  2. Frame your face. People say eyes are the windows to the souls, but has anyone ever seen a killer eyebrow? It will frame your face and freshen up your face even without you even needing to apply eyeliner. I like to keep my brows darker to look fuller, as I feel like when they are light and sparse they make my face look older. My favorite pencil/brow brush combo to help me do the job is this brand. If you need any tips on how to perfect your brows, here’s some tips that could help you.
  3. Try the classic cat eye. While it may be hard for hooded lid girls to get their eyeliner to show up as the heavy lid hides the eyelash line, try doing a cat eyeliner look. Make sure the tips are super sharp and pointed to keep your eyes looking awake rather than sleepy and tired. The elongated tips will also allow the eyeliner to peek out at the corners. I prefer to go with a fine brush or felt tip liquid eyeliner as those will ensure that the line I create is sharp.
  4. Go easy on the bottom lid eyeliner. As most of the upper lid eyeliner may be hidden, try to go easy on the bottom lid eyeliner to keep balance. Going too heavy by fully rimming your bottom lids with a dark liner, while keeping it simple on the top liner could make your eyes appear droopy or sleepy. Secondly, try applying a light champagne or pink color to the inner corner of your bottom lid, a it will brighten up the eyes and make them appear larger.
  5. Love your eyes.  Your hooded/monolid eyes are not your enemies. Perception of beauty is different among everyone, so the best way to really showcase your eyes is by working them with confidence. If you love the heavy eyeliner look, work it! My beauty rules may not work for everyone, as I have learned that not all the tips in magazines apply to me.