date night

When Form Meets Function


Hello fellow bloggers and reader. Sorry for my surprise hiatus, as I was waiting for my spankin’ new computer to be built! The process of watching my computer get built was pretty eye opening– I got a crash course in the functions of a CPU fan, graphics card, power supply, and motherboard. Anyway, moving on… Today I wanted to share with you a look that’s both classy enough to wear to a fancy date night, and also comfy enough that I’m not constantly adjusting any straps or itchy tags.

I really have to give a shout out to eShakti who approached me a few weeks ago and gifted me this gorgeous purple dress. It wasn’t until I browsed through their selection of dresses and cute skirts that I realized I could get the dress customized. I’m sure a lot of you have struggled with making sure to get the right fit on your online apparel purchases, as I have my entire adult life, and this seems to be pretty close to the solution to that problem. What impressed me even more was that you can choose to customize the ensemble with different sleeve lengths and skirt lengths!

When the dress arrived, I ran into my closet and tried it on. It was almost everything I expected it to be. The only part that I found to be different from what I had imagined was the skirt length. Still being in my early 20s I opted for the shortest skirt length (because how many more years will I be able to rock short hem lengths??), but as you can see from the photos they hit just above the knee. It’s no big deal though, as I’m sure that would not fit in a work appropriate setting anyway.

Check out the pics below to see how I styled my outfit! I chose to match the zip detail of the dress with black accessories all around, and wore another pair of trusty Melissa shoes (am I obsessed with this brand or what…). If you’re browsing eShakti and find something you like, be sure to enter the coupon code “matchamornings” for an additional 10% off. Check the bottom of this post for the fine print 😉 (more…)