Let’s Go Dodgers!

Good morning! I decided to mix it up today and create a look that is ready to celebrate the baseball season. I have always disliked the thought that girls who play or like to watch sports are instantly grouped as tomboys, and wanted to challenge this idea with a look that is both flirty and in the spirit.

If I were to attend any baseball games, it would definitely be a LA Dodgers game as I have to represent my hometown! So to start off the look, I pulled my favorite hat off of’s MLB Hats. I was so surprised by how big their collection of hats were, and I was SO close to choosing a universe-patterned hat, but instead opted to keep my outfit cohesive.

The rest of the outfit consists of a white crop top (you know that’s my go-to casual wear!) paired with a blue suspender skirt. To keep the outfit on the girly side—maybe something you can wear out to a late night out after a ball game—I also chose to go with some chunky heels which sound both comfy and fun. Lastly, I added black/neon yellow accessories to accent the outfit.

What team would you rep for the baseball season? I’d love to see what you all would put together too!



Bold in Blue