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Let’s Go Dodgers!

Good morning! I decided to mix it up today and create a look that is ready to celebrate the baseball season. I have always disliked the thought that girls who play or like to watch sports are instantly grouped as tomboys, and wanted to challenge this idea with a look that is both flirty and in the spirit.

If I were to attend any baseball games, it would definitely be a LA Dodgers game as I have to represent my hometown! So to start off the look, I pulled my favorite hat off of’s MLB Hats. I was so surprised by how big their collection of hats were, and I was SO close to choosing a universe-patterned hat, but instead opted to keep my outfit cohesive.

The rest of the outfit consists of a white crop top (you know that’s my go-to casual wear!) paired with a blue suspender skirt. To keep the outfit on the girly side—maybe something you can wear out to a late night out after a ball game—I also chose to go with some chunky heels which sound both comfy and fun. Lastly, I added black/neon yellow accessories to accent the outfit.

What team would you rep for the baseball season? I’d love to see what you all would put together too!



Bold in Blue



Falling into the Season with Black Textures


Hello hello! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I’m starting off the week in a monotone palette of some black pieces against my pasty white skin… While I would love to completely immerse myself into some trendy pieces fit for autumn, it’s still way too hot for my to walk out the door in anything more than a breezy top, shorts, and airy shoes. (Funny how the sun completely failed to tan my skin however!) So to embrace what should be a season change, I switched up my outfit to some darker tones.

Instead of my casual grey romper that I wear everywhere, I switched it for this strappy black top that ties in the front and matched it with pleather shorts. On my lazy days when I’m unsure of what to wear, I’ve been sticking to a single color range as it keeps the look more cohesive. To complete the outfit, I have these new Melissa flats from that I’ve been meaning to try out. Can I just say… these have got to be the most comfortable flats I have ever worn. They are like walking on clouds! Anyway, here are some additional shots my boyfriend helped me take. What do you think of the look? (more…)

No Place Like Home


Cheers to hump day! Today’s work appropriate outfit was styled after Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, because let’s be honest– there really is no place like home when it’s 2 PM on a Wednesday afternoon, you’re victim to the worst food coma ever (damn you, carbs!), and you’re counting down the hours until you can commute home from work. (more…)

Chapter 1: Kick off!


I celebrated my one year work anniversary since graduating college last week, and it’s been such a long and unexpected ride since my school days. While I’m grateful to be able to start a career in the always evolving e-commerce industry, I miss the most simple moments of running errands during regular business hours, casually grabbing some Sprinkles cupcakes before my afternoon classes, and avoiding rush hour traffic. (more…)